Friday, 20 July 2012

Blog Challenge (31): Why do you blog?

This time last year I began to take an interest in fashion & beauty blogs that I'd seen on a social networking site. I soon became a vivid reader and would idly pass the hours browing them on my phone (usually when I was meant to be working!) and picking up tips on the latest fashion trends or beauty buys.

Fast forward to December 2011 and I found out I was pregnant and I searched for a new market of blogs to read that would provide me with much needed information. My interest in fashion and beauty fast became overshadowed by my desire to know what was the best pram to buy, how I should feed my baby, which pain relief would provide the best results etc etc. As a first time mummy, I wanted advice from people of a similar age who had been there, done that and got the t-shirt so to speak. I often found that blogs were a lot less informal than books and that they provided reall life recommendations rather than what was solely 'protocol' at that time. Now it may have been the hormones but I was often reduced to tears reading many of the blogs that I followed. Hearing a woman's birth story and that sheer emotion that was conveyed through her writing was truely magical and has provided me with even more excitement for Baby C's upcoming arrival.

I liked the idea of keeping a track of my own pregnancy journey so I never forget a moment. My own mother rarely kept anything from my own childhood; as a neat freak she wasn't the sort of organised mummy that kept pictures that I'd scribbled on a certain not particularly memorable day back the 90's! She has photographs of when I was a baby however these are stowed away in her loft behind years of accumulated old gym equipment and my teaching files, probably never to be seen again! I have no doubt that she loved her pregnancy journey however, after all these years, it's not something that we discuss regularly. I wanted to make sure that when Baby C is older, he can look back and see how much he was loved and cherished from the very moment we knew he exisited.

And from that 'A Whole 9 Months' was born. A blog to document the journey of my pregnancy and then hopefully (if I have time!) a way to store memorable moments from when my little man is growing up. If he wishes, he can look back at my blog when he's older and see how much his mummy adores him & hopefully that one day - before I got old and grey and started to wear smocks - that I was actually very cool ;)

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