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Preganancy Post: 32 Weeks

32 Weeks. What's happening?

Your baby

  • If you’re feeling rather heavy and immobile now, spare a thought for your baby, who has less room to move by the day.
  • Movement in the womb is important though as it encourages bone strengthening and helps build muscle mass.
  • Pregnant at 32 weeks, your baby is now gaining layers of fat so they will appear less skinny, and the skin will now become pinker and less transparent.
  • Scans show that babies have brain patterns like adults in dream sleep, indicating that babies do dream in the womb at this stage

  • As a 32 week pregnant mum-to-be, you may notice more Braxton Hicks contractions and could start to get more anxious about the approaching birth.
  • Don’t worry if your belly button is protruding, it’s caused by your growing uterus and will go back to normal a few months after pregnancy.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and make sure you are eating healthily.
  • Make sure you are supporting your growing body. You may be experiencing back pain so take the appropriate steps to alleviate the stress or, your breasts as they change may feel full and heavy – make sure you’re wearing a well-fitted bra.


Things to think about:

It’s a good idea to pack your hospital bag now. Even if you’re planning a home birth, pack one just in case!

At your antenatal appointment, your midwife will have a look at your baby’s lie and presentation on an ultrasound. If your baby is still in a breech position in weeks 35 onwards, you may have to have another scan in weeks 37-38 to see if he’s moved.

During labour you will be offered pain relief. Make sure you know what’s available to you.

Have you decided on a name yet? A lot of parents don’t decide until they meet their newborn but it might be an idea to have a few in mind.

Our 32 Week Story

The past few weeks I feel like we should pack our sleeping bags as I feel that we have practically moved into the hospital. Like most, pre-pregnancy, I was a complete hospital phobe so I am feeling VERY proud of myself and how I have coped. My love for my unborn son has outweighed any fear that I could ever have about hospitals! At the minute, I am also feeling super excited and positive for the labour as it means that we will finally get to meet our little man!

We have been back and forth to the hospital as our 'little' man is not so 'little.' In fact he's rather big! He has been measuring about 2.5/3 weeks bigger since around week 18 so it didn't come as a suprise that he is currently measuring 34.5 weeks when he is in fact 32 week gestation. I have been for additional growth scans that have backed up what the consultants have previously said and have had 2 Gestational Tolerance Tests which have both come back normal. I went through a period of contstant worry however, after much discussion with the consultant, I now have a re-newed sense of relief that he is just a big boy like his daddy. Mr C is 6ft 7" so apparantly we have 'big genes'!

Myself and Mr C attended our 3rd Parentcraft session last night. I will post in more detail in a further blog post however, last night was the tour of the labour ward. Mr C's face was a picture! I think he expected seeing women running around screaming covered in blood like headless chickens... he was expecting scenes from a horror film, bless him! In reality, although full to bursting, the labour ward was very organised and suprisingly, tranquil and peaceful! Some of the mums said that, post visit, they were left feeling more worried than before however, I was left feeling quite relaxed and the fear of the unknown was diminished! I was also pleased that all the rooms came with en-suite bathroom/shower and there was a TV! (In labour, I'm sure watching Corrie will be the last thing on my mind but, at present, it gave me a wierd sense of security knowing that I wouldn't miss any of my favourite soaps whilst in labour!)

The tour prompted us to discuss the labour process and pain relief although the consultant is unsure of whether i'll need to be induced early or have an elective C-section because of baby's size. This will depend on the additional fortnightly growth scans I am booked in for so we have decided that I am not going to get my heart set on any particular delivery method/pain relief. At the end of the day, baby's well-being is my main priority and as long as he arrives safely then I aren't too fussed on his method of delivery!

In other news, we have the bedroom furniture which Mr C is going to attempt to tackle this weekend... exciting times :)

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