Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Blog Challenge (29): Where have you travelled?

As i've said before, my mum is a bit of sun worshipper so as a child we had lots of 'sun' holidays to places such as Majorca, Spain, Greece and the Canaries etc. I am not really a 'culture vulture' so tend to opt for the same sorts of holidays when choosing my week away each year.

In 2007, I went to Newquay with a group of 10 girls. It was a typical girls holiday constisting of fancy dress, tutu's and LOTS of cheap wine!

2008 & I went to Magaluf with 2 friends on a 2 week extravaganza. Anyone that's been to Magaluf (especially as a alcohol loving teen!) will understand the need for another holiday right after it and that's why about 2 weeks after our return from Magaluf, we then jetted off to Murcia in Spain for a lovely chilled girlie relax consisting off a lot less wine, lovely meals and relaxing with a good book by the pool!

In 2009, I went to Llorett De Mar in Spain for yet another, girly holiday with my best friend Jess.

2010 and I was settled with Mr C and we went to Dublin for Valentines Day. It was gorgeous and we had a great time. I would most definitely recommend it as a place however it is VERY expensive! In the summer we then went to Lanzerote on a family holiday with my mum, dad, nan, grandad & my brother.

In 2011, I went to Palma Nova in Majorca for 3 nights with my mum & best friend as a 'well done on finishing your dissertation and not going mad!' present from my mum. The day after my graduation ceremony, Mr C whisked me back off to Lanzarote on a romantic week away for the 2 of us.

We have yet to have a holiday in 2012 as we opted for a baby instead! I am most definitely going stir crazy in England and NEED some sun! In the next few years, I hope to travel to:

Portugal - next summer for Baby C's first holiday & mummy's chance to rest and relax!
The Lake District

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