Friday, 13 July 2012

Blog Challenge (24): Your Dream Job

I am a qualified primary school teacher which I absolutely love however I am not working in that sector at the minute. Once baby arrives and I'm settled I will most definitely get back into it. I think it is so important to find a job that you look forward to going to every day.

My absolute DREAM job would have to be:

Stay At Home Mummy - If we could cope comfortably on just one wage then this would most definitely be my dream job. I am taking a year off work however, I would love to be around to watch every second of our son growing up but it's just not financially possible. Going back to work 3 days means that we can still enjoy life's luxuries, pay our bills and I can spend 4 full days with baby C.

A calorie-free chocolate tester - most women's dream job! It would have to be calorie free though as I may end up a half ton woman confined to my house!

A wine taster - self explanatory really :)

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