Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blog Challenge (20): A difficult time in your life

A difficult time that I have faced recently is that of my mum having a cancer scare. It was truely the most horrific time ever, full of dread and worry. I would hate to ever go through that again as it was a constant weight on mine and my families shoulders for a long time whilst we waited for tests and results.

My mum is a mountain of strength, the strongest woman I've ever known. Thank god she was fine but I know for some people, their prognosis is not so bright and I cannot even begin or want to imagine how we would have coped then.

I admire anyone who faces this sort of struggle with a smile. It must be so hard, especially when it's you yourself that's fighting something as terrible as cancer. My thoughts are with anyone who is going through anything like this at this time.

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