Thursday, 12 July 2012

Blog Challenge (23): The Best Thing to Happen This Year

The best thing to happen this year (not just this year, but my whole life!) is most definitely this:

Strictly speaking, I found out I was pregnant on 30th December 2011 so actually it was last year however the journey that has followed since finding out has been the best thing to ever happen to me.

Baby C was very much planned although to be honest, until the day that those 2 pink lines appeared before my eyes, I didn't expect that it would happen! (I bought a cheapo Tesco value test which was how I found out I was pregnant and then sent Mr C to the chemist the very next day for a more expensive Clear Blue as I didn't quite believe that a 99p test could possibly be correct!)

Sharing the journey with Mr C has been super exciting. He has been more supportive than I could have ever imagined and now the end is near and D Day is fast approaching, I am more excited than I ever imagined! We cannot wait to meet you Baby C! x

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