Monday, 16 December 2013

The Lurgy.

You know Christmas is around the corner when everyone starts coming down with the dreaded lurgy.

It's sod's law.

Twitter has been awash with parents pleading with their poorly offspring, desperate for even an hours unbroken sleep.

And Saturday, it was our turn to don the matchsticks and attempt an allnighter with only the remaints of Freddie's breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep us company! Yak!

When I checked on him before going to bed, his bedroom stank! The poor little Mister had vomited everywhere. I soon realised that I was the most unorganised mother in the world and only had one set of bedding! Nightmare! 

We spent the whole night, every single minute, awake watching Mr Tumble re-runs on YouTube. He was literally haunting me every time I attempted to close my eyes! Things turned even worse when Fred was sick all over my bed so we were well and truly buggered! I definitely need to invest in some spare bedding!

On a brighter note, Freddie is much better and it seemed to be a short lived thing, luckily! Fingers crossed we've got it out of the way before the festivities start properly!

If you're feeling under the weather, get well soon! 

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