Sunday, 15 December 2013

Our Visit to see Father Christmas.

This week we took Freddie to meet Father Christmas. 

This was the first time he'd been as he was only a baby last year so it was particularly exciting!

The grotto was at our local farm shop and it was amazing. They had goats dressed up as reindeer which Freddie thought was hilarious,  a winter wonderland, Santa's sweet shop which doubled as the waiting room and then Santa's grotto itself. 

It's one of my most favourite places to go as whatever the occasion, they always make a massive spectical.

Nana came with us and we had the most wonderful time.

Initially Freddie was a bit reserved and was clung to my side which isn't like him at all! He's normally very curious and confident around new people but seeing a man dressed in a red suit with a gigantic beard shocked him somewhat, unsurprisingly! 

He soon warmed to him, especially once he'd realised the fact that he got a free toy! We chose a beautiful teddy bear which will be a lovely momentum. We asked Father Christmas for lots of Buzz Lightyear toys (and Mummy may have asked for a new Mulberry handbag! Hopefully Daddy will have been paying attention!) 

I love Christmas. It is my most favourite time of year, even more so now I have to make it magical for Freddie!

Have you been to visit Father Christmas yet?

What's on your wish list? 

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