Monday, 30 December 2013

My best buys of 2013

Here are my top 5 buys of 2013;

This was a wonderful purchase that we made back in April. Although more expensive than some of it's rivals, we did lots of research and found that this ranked highly on all levels. We have been thrilled with it ever since and Fred seems to love travelling in style.

Mr C bought me the Dyson for Christmas (and who says romance is dead!) and I absolutely LOVE it. We don't have much carpet downstairs and we only have a small house for which this cordless handheld is ideal. It's so quick & easy, perfect for any spills or crumbs without the hassle of having to heave a giant vacuum down the stairs whilst juggling a toddler! If you're after a new vacuum, I couldn't recommended this more highly!

I have had an iPad and I most definitely thinks that this beats it hands down without a second thought, especially considering the price difference. We use it for internet surfing, social networking and for Freddie to watch his films in the car and it does all this jobs perfectly. 

Everyone who is a regular reader or who follows me on Twitter knows that I think this pushchair comes second to none. You can read my full review HERE but if you read nothing else, read this... Buy this pushchair!! It's amazing! 

Last but not least is...

My Wedding Dress!

I aren't going to tempt fate by uploading a picture as I don't want to jinx anything but it is definitely my most favourite purchase ever! 

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  1. i buy your old ipad off in a heartbeat its on my wishlist for 2014 and i somehow love apple way too much that i could find anything else better for me!! and oh yeah to the the wedding dress being in your best buy list!!! x