Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Slimming World Journey

I don't normally post about things like this however as it's such a massive part of my life right now, I thought it deserved a small mention. If I bore you, do scroll past. If I can inspire you, then that's wonderful.

I've been following the Slimming World plan for about 19 weeks now and the results have been phenomenal. I've lost over 2.5 stones (37.5lbs) in that relatively small space of time with minimal fuss or stress.

Although I didn't put on too much weight whilst pregnant, I found that after F's birth I was so busy that I struggled for time when it came to cooking healthy home cooked meals. Within Fred's first year I'd put on quite a bit of weight and it'd started to affect my fitness and health so I decided to make a change. 

Initially I had preconceived stereotypes that everyone would be old and gigantic. They aren't. I am probably one of the youngest but there are women there of all shapes and sizes, after all we are all different and we have different goals & ideals etc.

I've always been 'bigger' but I was no way Rik Waller. (My apologies to any Rik fans out there!) And I certainly didn't want to be a size 0. I wanted to be healthy and happy with myself. I was worried that this would be expected and the pressure would be intense.

It isn't. You set your own goals and there is no time scale. I still want to lose another 1.5 stones but that is up to me, not anyone else or my group consultant. We laugh and call it fat fighters (a la Little Britain) but it really has  changed my life. I feel much healthier and my confidence has increased ten fold. Sometimes as a new mum it's easy to forget yourself but I feel better than I have in years.

The meals are easy to cook and we all eat the same, even 15 month old Freddie. They are all homemade and fresh and although they are a little more expensive than buying a microwave ready meal, they are substantial and nutritious for us all.

There is a stereotype of slimming clubs but honestly, if you are reading this and you feel like you need a kick up the arse in the new year, I implore you to go for it. 

*This is not a 'review' or a 'sponsored post'. It is in no way affiliated with Slimming World and I've received no financial reward. This is just my story as a normal mum.*

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