Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Mummy and Daddy got a rare chance to let our hair down so we took advantage and visited the Christmas Markets in Manchester in the run up to Christmas Eve. 

On Christmas Eve, we slept at my parents house where Freddie was allowed to stay up later than usual. He celebrated this occasion by eating his body weight in Pringles, emptying a tin of Roses over his head and rugby tackling the puppy in excitement. He also opened a Christmas Eve present, his Vtech Toot Toot Construction Set.

I didn't quite realise how many presents I'd actually bought for F! I had been purchasing bits and pieces every so often and when it came to laying them out on Christmas Eve, I was shocked at the amount! 

Some of his favourite presents were his Toot Toot construction set and car garage, his Freddie the Fire Engine Trunki and his Buzz Lightyear slippers!

My favourite gift was quite simply the fact that we were able to spend quality time as a trio. Mr C works very long hours so we don't often get chance to enjoy each others company for such a long time! 

It wasn't all sweetness & light though. We had spent alot of money to go to a lovely restaurant for our Christmas dinner with all our family members;  F on the other hand, had different ideas! From the minute we got there he screamed. I was so conscious that every other diner had paid lots of money to enjoy a meal that we spent the whole time sat in the car taking it in turns to eat a course! Here we are but as you can tell, I couldn't stay mad at his cheeky face for long! 

Christmas Day Night was spent playing the usual games and over-eating however our little festive elf was overwhelmed and was glad to hit the sack joined by all his favourite Toy Story characters! 

Did you all have a lovely Christmas? 

Any disasters like ours? 

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