Thursday, 17 October 2013

Wedding Dress DILEMMA!

As a little girl I always dreamed about my wedding dress. It would cost a bazillion pounds, be designed by Vera Wang (even as a 5 year old I had style!) and be a Princess's dream. 

Roll on 20 years and I'm getting married and in search of said wedding dress. Except we have some slight problems...

I have a baby therefore I do not have a bazillion pounds. Even if I didn't have a baby, I wouldn't have a bazillion pounds!

I'm not too sure but I expect Vera Wang dresses come up pretty small. I I highly doubt she will have something to cover my fat arse, even with a 2 stone weight loss.

And lastly, and the most saddest for my 5 year old self, I aren't a Princess. Even if Mr C is my handsome Prince.

When it initially came to planning the wedding, low key and intimate was the vision. We're still having intimate but low key went out the window after precisely 3 hours. With low key, normally comes low cost so to the shock horror of my dear Dad, the budget spiralled.

Myself and Mr C insisted that we wanted to foot the cost of the wedding ourselves but my Dad is the most traditional man you could ever meet and he wouldn't hear of it. We've managed to come to a compromise that consists of him paying for the venue & the food and maybe a few extras dependent on the contents of our wedding pot at the end. 

The poor guy has had to sell his beloved weekend Porsche to fund his side so I am adamant that he wouldn't be footing any bills that I am responsible for.

Mr C has his own business, and although in time, it has the potential to earn us a nice comfortable living, right now we're pretty much making peanuts because of his outgoings. I'm working 16 hours whilst looking after Fred. We have a house to pay for and we've recently had to buy a new car so as you can imagine, the wedding pot isn't exactly over flowing. 

In the beginning, one of the things that I was willing to comprise on was my dress. I figured that I could get a 2nd hand one for next to nothing and still have my Princess dream. And luck may have it, I did. I bought a beautiful dress from a lovely lady who lived not so far from me for a bargain price of £300.

Bargain hey?! 

But I haven't dreamed of being a bargain bride for all those years and I'm having serious wwedding dress depression. Yes my bargain dress ia beautiful, stunning even but I don't think it's 'the one'. 
So now I have a dilemma. Do I attempt to sell this dress in a bid to buy my dream one with funds from my dwindling budget or do I put up and shut up? 

I know I am lucky. I am having a beautiful wedding that I would never have dares to dream of. If it was down to me, it'd be social club chic so I am eternally greatful.

I also know it's not just about 'the dress'. I consider myself religious and I know why we are getting married  part of me (the 5 year old Princess) thinks sod the budget, buy the dream dress.

Here it is if you we're wondering. (I've taken the risk of putting it on as Mr C has forgotten my blog exists and I highly doubt he could find it, even if he knew I was still scribbling my thoughts into a piece of the web.)

So please help, what do I do? 

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