Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Those pesky vaccinations!

Little F had his 13 month vaccinations yesterday! 

His first 3 lots when he was a baby were easy as he didn't really understand what was happening and as long as he was soothed with milkies & mummy cuddles immediately after, he was right as rain. 

However now he's bigger and not to mention stronger, I was particularly nervous about these ones! He is now the size of a 2 year old so he's certainly not your typical just tuened toddler. Initially I thought I was going to have to go alone as Mr C was meant to be working however as it fell, we had some friends up from the South to stay so he'd scheduled some free time and he was able to come along as well. 

It was a good job he did! Little F (ironic as he's no way little anymore!) struggled and shouted and said 'NO DON'T!!' at the Nurse over and over again! He is particularly clued up and even though we'd played lots of fun games in the waiting room, as soon as we entered the room and he was surrounded by two Nurses as well as me & Daddy, he pretty quickly realised that something fishy was going on! 

After a slight tantrum and then a very short Mummy cuddle, he was fine as we expected but it's still not nice seeing them sob. 

We are especially lucky to have vaccinations to help protect our babies from all these nasty diseases but the little monkeys don't make it easy for us Mummys! I swear F had practiced his puppy dog face especially for the occasion!

Here he is perfecting his 'feel sorry for me' face. He milked it for all it was worth and he ended up with 2 new pairs of pyjamas & a Minion toy for being brave! 

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