Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Having a Newborn Baby: Surviving the first few weeks!

I am very lucky that, touch wood, Freddie has been a wonderful baby since arriving. I don't know whether it was his large birth weight (10lbs 1 1/2 oz) or the fact that he's inherited his dad's laid back genes but he's a very contented baby. All he does is sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat and so on. He really has the most perfect life (& one that i'm rather jealous of!)

So far, the first few weeks have gone extremely well & we've all settled into our new lives very well considering the massive changes that we've experienced. Here is some of my 'top tips' so to speak!

Don't be ashamed to accept help
I have no shame in admitting that my mum has been heavily involved in Freddie's life over the last four weeks. Once i'd come out of hospital, she stayed over and helped with not only his care, but took care of me and Mr C by making dinner, doing the ironing, running the hoover round etc etc. Does this make me a bad mum? Does this mean I can't cope on my own? Of course not. It means that I was able to snatch a few hours precious sleep where I could that in turn, meant that I was more human to look after my son. If you are lucky enough to be offered that sort of help, take it!

Plan ahead
I didn't want to be stuck in the house for weeks after having Freddie however, I found it a little daunting the first time I took him out, especially on my own! I found that being prepared helps lots and the positive is that, Freddie seems to sleep more whilst out in the car or the pram which means he'scalm and contented too. He's been on lots of trips out since his birth and is a frequent visitor to the Trafford Centre! (he shares his mummies love of shopping!) I bottle feed Freddie so I try to plan our visits so that he feeds before we set off so he sleeps in the car and then I have time to find somewhere suitable to sit and feed/change him when he's next ready. Places like M&S and large department stores often have cafes where you can feed baby and excellent changing facilities.

Be prepared
During the night, the last thing you want to be doing is traipsing into the cold living room to heat borrles and find nappies. Freddie has ready made Aptimil cartons at room temperature (a god send!) so I don't have to worry about warming bottles.I find that having a basket of things that may be needed at the side of the bed means that at 3am, when you're bleary eyed and yawning, that poo explosion is not as daunting!

Take time for yourself
Take a few minutes a day for yourself to remember who you were before you were just 'mum'. I like to wake up half an hour before Freddie to shower and do my hair or pop him in his bouncer whilst I paint my nails. I find that I feel much better in myself and develop an ability to cope with the fact that i've had 2 hours sleep if i've got my make up on and set of freshly painted nails. It's small things but they seem to make a world of difference.

& finally... Enjoy it!
Freddie was a month old yesterday & it's true what they say... time flies. I just know that it won't be two minutes till i'm throwing his 1st birthday party, then taking him for his first day at school followed by university then, as stupid as it sounds, meeting his children. I'm determined to enjoy every minute, make thousands of happy memories and cherish him every single day.


  1. Looks like you are quite prepared for the job! Way to go, Jess! Having a baby is a wonderful experience. Holding your little angel is definitely the best feeling in the world. But every mommy must be prepared to take care of their little ones. I do agree with your point to ask help, especially if you are overwhelmed with your mommy duties. This will help lessen the load, and you can take turns in taking care of your baby, and have time for yourself.

    Chalice Lindgren

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  3. Congrats, Jess, for surviving the first few weeks of taking care of Freddie! Being a prepared mother definitely helped a lot in making the first few weeks relatively easy. But motherhood is a long journey. You still have to take a lot of roads. But the way I see it, it’s going to be a perfect journey for you because you are so well-prepared and you know how to handle every situation. Good luck!

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