Wednesday, 31 October 2012

2 months: For you, Freddie x

My gorgeous Freddie,

This week you are two months old. Somedays I pinch myself to make sure that this is all real. After nine months of waiting; expecting and imagining, you are here. You are far beyond anything we ever anticipated, a real dream come true.

I had planned to write you a letter sooner but the last two months have been a whirlwind of nappies, sleepless nights and keeping your tiny tummy full! It's hard work and mummies often rushed off her feet but when I take the time to sit down and stare at your perfect face, taking in all of your features or when you clasp your tiny fingers around mine, I realise that it is the best job in the world! You have turned me into a real slushy mummy. I shouldn't be telling you this but you well and truely have me wrapped around your little finger already!

You are continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate. Your definitely your father's son. You have been weighed at the baby clinic this week and already, you are over 14lbs! Everyone says that you are the spitting image of your Daddy and are beginning to call you his 'mini me!' I love that you look like him and I am always saying that I have my 'two gorgeous boys' to take care of me. Your daddy loves you so much Freddie. I have never seen him so proud about anything. Before you came along, I imagined what he would be like as somebodies 'daddy' and I expected that he would be perfect but he has surpassed any expectation that I ever dreamed of. He really is the perfect daddy and I am so excited for all his plans for you as you grow.

You are becomming a proper person now complete with a whole big personality. You've most definitely inherited daddy's laid back personality although, much to my amusement, you've got mummy's stubborn streak running right through you. Another trait that you've seemed to pick up of me is that you are a right old nosey parker! Daddy laughs and says that you are just like me because you love to be upright looking at the world and staring at people! Don't tell him but I think you take after your Nana; not me!

You are so alert and people are shocked when I tell then you are only two months old. You could easily pass for a 4 or 5 month old baby as you are so strong, (and long!) You get lots of attention from everybody we see as you really are adorable. Everyone wants to fuss over you; especially Grandad B! When he walks into a room he says 'Grandad's Here!' in a funny voice and you smile away at him. In fact, he was the first person to get a smile from you. You love him lots already, and he loves you in return. I am glad that you will have a close relationship with him, like I do with my Grandad; your namesake.

We've recently moved house to be nearer to Nana & Grandad B. Our new area provides us with a much nicer setting in which to raise you and I keep imagining what we can do with you as you grow.  There is a steam train, a park and lots of room for you to run about and play football with daddy. We've been taking you on lots of day trips; on Sunday we went to Skipton to have a walk on the canal except you slept the whole time, even when daddy was trying to show you the ducks and the barges! We'll take you again when your bigger because mummy really wanted to take you on the tour boat to see the castle!

You sleep alot. We are very lucky.You go to bed at 8pm and only wake up once in the night, usually at around 3am. You are an early bird though; nothing like mummy or daddy. As soon as 6am comes, you are awake and wanting to start your day. I lift you into mummy and daddies bed and we have snuggles before daddy has to get up for work. He misses you so much whilst he's at work and I often have to send him lots of pictures throughout the day. You lie in our bed all cheeky with a great smile on your face and I can tell, it breaks daddies heart to leave you!

It's unsurprising really as you are just so cute. I know i'm biased as you're mine but you really are beautiful. You will break some hearts when you're older and I do belive you're going to be a bit of a ladies man like Uncle Jack and Great Grandad Fred! Already, you have a cheeky smile when the ladies at the golf club fuss over you! You really do revel in the attention!

The last few weeks you've just blossomed into a tiny person complete with his own personality. Your not a 'baby' anymore which sometimes saddens me! I want you to stay newborn forever but I know that as you continue to grow, we will continue to make lots of memories which I will cherish forever. You have found your hands these last few weeks and appear facinated by them; constantly shoving them into your mouth and gumming your fingers. You have also began to gurgle which is quite possibly my favourite sound i've ever heard. You lay in your crib and stare at the animals dangling from your mobile and your gurgle away. I'm pretty sure that there is a laugh right there ready to come out anyday soon!

Every day I am proud of you. You are my greatest acheivement and I love you lots.

Forever and more,

Mummy x

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