Tuesday, 23 October 2012

They Grow So Fast....

It's true... they really do!

Freddie is still only 7 weeks old but already, I feel like he isn't my 'baby' anymore. He is developing at such a speed that I blink and I miss something. He's beginning to develop such a personality and is already a little character who is full of smiles.

Smiles all round...

He has inherited his daddy's laid back personality which, is most probably a good job as I doubt Mr C could have coped with two frenzied stress heads running about the house! He is however a nosh Parker like mummy, forever gazing around and people watching! He's beginning to establish a routine and, touch wood, has only woke once a night over the last week. I am in no way tempting fate and presuming that this will last however!

What really hit home this week was the fact that he no longer fitted into the majority of his babygro's and had to begin to wear his 'big boy' clothes. I despaired over the idea of dressing him in 'real' clothes as I felt he was still a baby and I didn't want to dress him in 'proper clothes' till he was older however, with a wardrobe FULL of clothes and a ever growing little man, I had to take the plunge or risk him being too big for the majority of them! Even at 7 weeks, he already fits well into 3-6 month clothing!

Sporting his 'big boy' clothes

It is true; they do grow up fast. Too fast. I am determined to cherish every minute, enjoy everything and make lots of memories.

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