Thursday, 6 December 2012

3 Months: For you, Freddie x

My beautiful Freddie,

You are now three months old. Three whole months since you came into our lives; a whirlwind of love and happiness. Since September, you have captured my heart and continue to amaze me more and more everyday.

The last three months have flown but I do not remember my life without you in it; when it was just me and your daddy. I do not remember what it felt like to sit reading glossy magazines for hours on end or to impulsively spend tons of money on a stupidly rediculously expensive pair of shoes. I do not remember what it felt like to spend lazy Sunday mornings in bed after a late Saturday night out dancing with daddy. I do not remember what it felt like to jump in the car without hours of meticulous planning. But do you know what? I do not remember ever been this happy. You have enriched every part of my life and fulfilled every single dream.

Although you're only a tender 13 weeks, you are already a big boy. Today, I took you to baby clinic to get weighed. You were 16lbs 9oz; much bigger than all the other babies of your age that were there!

I am astounded at how fast you are developing. Already you can bear weight on your legs, standing up whilst holding mummies fingers; you laugh and chuckle like a mini comedian (you're definitely going to be the funny man like daddy!) and reach out to grab at your colourful toys. You are so strong. You struggle with all your might to pull yourself up when mummy lies you down on the floor and it shouldn't be too long till you can sit unaided.

It's getting colder now and we love to snuggle in an afternoon whilst daddy is at work. I love enjoying your company; lying on the couch wrapped in blankets watching Christmas films. I can not wait for you first Christmas. You have been spoilt beyond belief. It's funny really because you won't have a clue what's happening but I will take lots of photographs and make lots of memories.

Memories are so important. The smell of your freshly washed hair when daddy lifts you out of bath. The tiny little Converse that I put on your feet. Your first giggle whilst daddy played 'peekaboo' with you. I will do my very best to remember them all.

As always, I love you.

Forever & More...

Mummy xx

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