Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fashionable Friday (on a Saturday)

This weeks 'Fashionable Friday' is another wanted post. The summer is edging nearer and I'm beginning to tire of seeing all Freddie's maroon, navy and reds adorning his wardrobe. I'm looking forward to replacing them with lovely summer brights, especially so for our summer holiday to Cape Verde. 

Here's our first additions to the summer wardrobe:

The Checked Shirt looks lovely teamed with the green Skinny Jeans and finished off with the cool sunglasses! The Windbreaker Jacket is perfect for when it's a bit chillier and we'll be taking it on holiday with us for the airport and the evenings. I love the colour combination of this look and we'll probably add a cute straw sun hat to complete the look.

These are all available from Gap.

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