Thursday, 7 March 2013

6 months: For you, Freddie x

Dear Freddie,

You have now turned 6 months; half a year since you dived into our life, tipped it upside down, shook it on it's head and injected an unimaginable, impossible amount of love.

I love you more and more each day. Events that have happened this month have affected mummy lots. A fellow blogging mummy lost her precious girl. Taken far to soon. Behind her, she left a legacy; teaching mummies all over the world to love that little bit more, to hug that little harder and cherish every moment. 

I've learnt this lesson and even though I thought impossible, I love you more now than ever.

You are at a wonderful age. I wish I could capture this moment forever. You have the most wonderful personality. You are hilarious, cheeky, slightly rebellious and painfully determined.

This determination has seen you master the art of sitting unaided which you have now well and truly conquered. It is a joy to see you sit and play with your toys, exploring and imagining. Joyous for mummy to watch and, I can literally feel my heart swell with pride but on the other hand, the selfish part of me wants you to stay like this. I don't want to venture further into the depths of independence until one day, you no longer need me at all.

You are loved by so many, literally adored. You are worshipped by Nana who is well and truly your biggest fan. She has loved you from the second she met you. We all have,  it was impossible not to. 

You are still wonderful at night, touch wood! You have a bedtime story at 7pm which is mummy's favourite time of the day. We all lie on mummy and daddy's bed and read to you in a whole array of funny voices. We laugh and giggle and drown you in kisses. In return, you reward us with ooo's and ahh's and listen patiently, eagerly awaiting bath time where you have bundles of fun with your frog bubble machine. 

The day you turned 6 months we had a half birthday party for you at the golf club. Nothing fancy but it was an opportunity for us to show you off. People laughed and said it was a silly idea but we don't care, we love you and as mummy has learned, everyday is a blessing and should be celebrated.

Speaking of celebrations, we have had 2 milestones this week. Mummy's birthday and the birth of your cousin. Mum thoroughly enjoyed her first birthday as a mummy. You and Daddy made it wonderfully special and it topped every birthday I ever had. You wrote my card yourself (with help from Daddy of course!) and helped me unwrap presents in bed. You were very funny and we shared a little chocolate in mummy's bed (sssh, it was a birthday one off treat!). It was lovely, perfect and I am bound to remember it forever.

Every day has felt like a birthday since you arrived. I feel like the luckiest person in the world. 

I love you.

Forever & More.

Mummy x

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  1. i, I;ve just found your blog and really enjoyed your lovely letters (and other posts) so have nominated you for a Liebster Award Hope you accept and enjoy it, Bee x