Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Review: Blade & Rose Pirate Boys Leggings

You may remember a few weeks ago that I was lusting after some Blade & Rose Pirate Leggings in my Fashionable Friday post.

Well we have some! 

We chose the pirate design from a shop that is local to us called Daisy and Sam who also sell online. The shop is lovely and the owner is extremely helpful and very friendly. They specialise in Children and Babies Clothes, gifts and accessories and ship their lovely products throughout the UK and Europe. 

We chose the Blade & Rose Pirate Leggings but they also do a range of designs such as Princess, Rabbits, Owls and Dinosaurs. They are incredibly reasonably priced at only £10. 

I originally thought that Freddie would only wear them as lougewear because they are lovely and soft as well as comfortable but as you can see from the photographs, he has wore them today with his Converse hi tops & a cable knit sweater and they look adorable. 

I don't always like him to wear jeans as I think they are quite restricting when he's trying to dash here there and everywhere but I also aren't a big fan of tracksuit bottoms. These are a perfect medium as they are fashionable but comfortable at the same time.

They also double up to provide an extra layer underneath trousers when it's particularly cold.

They have been a massive hit so far and we've had them on lots so they've already sustained quite a few washes. They have washed lovely although you are advised not to tumble dry which we didn't as I find these things bobble easily. 

We chose age 3-4 and they fit F (18months) well although he's got lots of growing room in the legs. I'd say you can get away with buying bigger as they are stretchy and they fit well but allow for growth so that they last longer.

Who says that we should restrict leggings and tights to just for girls? They are perfect for protecting Freddie's knees whilst he's attempting to get into all the things he shouldn't! 

We have linked up with #TriedTested over at Going on an Adventure.


  1. I love boys tights and leggings - Max has a few pairs as they are perfect for crawling! These pirate ones are gorgeous. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. You're welcome.

    I always thought he was too old for them as he can walk but seeing him with his hi-tops, they are gorgeous!

    Thanks for reading x

  3. He looks super cute in those, We have a pair of Blade & Rose for my daughter and I love how comfortable she looks in them.

  4. Thank you.

    They are lovely and comfy aren't they. X

  5. Erm how COOL are they!? Kinda want to wear them myself.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week :) x

  6. Those leggings are great and same as you, I've often used them on boys as an extra layer under trousers in the cold. They are also great with for cloth nappy users, holding everything together and having a little more space than standard tights. xx

  7. They are super cool aren't they!

    We don't use cloth but I bet they are really useful. I love them!

    Thanks for reading xx