Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Our Review: Mamas & Papas Armadillo

My name is Jessica and I'm a pramaholic.

There I've said it. If there were such a thing, I'd be a fully pledged member of Pramaholics Anonymous. 

Fred is only just 15 months and he's already had 5 prams. That's near enough as many cars than Mr C has had in 17 years of driving. I just cannot seem to find a set of wheels that we can settle with, until now.

Meet the Mamas & Papas Armadillo...

Isn't she a beauty right? 

Rather than bore you with all the jargon, you can find all the important techy type info HERE!

Here's how we've got on with it; 

Normally retailing for £199.99, we made a wonderful saving on the Armadillo by buying an ex-display model from M&P in Leeds. Although more expensive than some of your typical strollers, this isn't a typical stroller however and well worth the money.

Our first set of wheels were an expensive travel system that paid three times as much as the Armadillo for and I can honestly say, this is much better.

From the extra large shopping basket and the XL hood and the easy multi position recline system, it isn't a normal buggy. I found that Fred was already outgrowing his previous buggy at only 14 months old whereas the Armadillo has a wriggle room seat that is designed to last till approx 3-4 years with lots of room to stretch, making it perfect for larger toddlers who aren't able to walk for very long.

I particularly like the full recline combined with the XL hood which makes it like a cosy cocoon in there. I'm honestly jealous when I see Freddie in there having a nap! We bought the M&P universal footmuff also which makes the whole thing extra snuggly! The peek a boo window means you can keep a close eye on them whilst they are all snuggly without having to disturb them.

I always presumed that we couldn't have it all. Our previous pushchair didn't recline but folded down really small meaning that it was wonderful for space saving in the car but not so good for comfort. The Armadillo folds down in one piece and opens in seconds using just one hand, perfect when you've got bags of shopping or a baby on your arm! 

If I'm honest, I really cannot think of any faults with this pushchair. It is more expensive than some of it's rivals but it hands down beats the 5 other prams we've had any day. It is also compatible with a car seat (with adaptors priced at £29.95) so for £230 you can have a complete travel system which will last from birth to 3-4 years. In terms of competitors prices, this is significantly cheaper than other big brand names.

Initially I wasn't over keen on the lemon drop colour however it's now definitely grown on me and we have got so many compliments and admiring glances. The Armadillo is also available in Coral Pink, Stripe, Blue Fizz & Black Liquorice so there is something to suit everyone. 

Fred likes his that much that he wants to sit in it inside as well as out! 

We award the Mamas & Papas Armadillo:

5 stars!

*Although this is a review piece, we bought the Armadillo with our own money. We have received no financial reward and all views expressed are my own*

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  1. My name is Kate and I am also a pramaholic....
    Love the look of the Armadillo, really does seem like the whole package, and the yellow is nice and bright. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Oh it's fabulous, it really is. I can't speak any higher of it! X

  3. Pramaholic here too! I really like the look of the Armadillo, nice to see a great lightweight stroller from Mamas & Papas #TriedTested

    1. It seems we're all pramaholics! I'd never had a M&P pram before and I've been really pleased. I wouldn't buy any other brand again! X

  4. Hands up!! Pramoholic here, my youngest is 3 nearly so just out of the pram stage and he is on his 15th and last pram! #TriedTested

    1. Wow I thought I had a serious addiction! What's been your best out of all 15? X

  5. noooooooo I DIDNT SEE THIS LURVLY PUSHCHAIR! PMSL.. Im Leanne and a total Pramaholic :/ I had 4 prams before my daughter was born hehe... Ive gone through a lot prams/pushchairs in the last 8 years oopppsss... Im now onto a Bugaboo Cameleon 3. Ive eyed this up in M&P and I think this may be the compact pushchair I go for when My daughter is a little older :D #TriedTested

  6. I am a pram addict as we had one then needed a double! Now thinking we need a stroller.... Going to investigate this I think!

  7. Freddie was 15months when we bought this pram and he was so uncomfortable in his normal day to day umbrella fold stroller that he hated going in it. In this 'super stroller' he has loads of room and it's so snuggly.

    He says 'pram peas!' And wants to sit in it in the house! X

  8. I LOVE the bright yellow colour!
    Thanks for linking up this week :)